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The Legacy Project is the preservation of our history for all.

The preservation project of the Satyrs M/C historical archives along with all archives in the collection of more than 23 original clubs since 1954.

They changed the world.

One hundred years of changing social views, transition from the wild west to metropolitan growth and the influx of new communities caused major shifts in Los Angeles prior to the club formation.

The Satyrs helped spawn the growth of hundreds of motorcycle clubs, uniform clubs and many leather organizations over the nearly six decades of existence.

The club members impact over the years on gay history, culture, discrimination, police raids, entrapment and even charity has been widely documented.

Photos from more than 23 clubs’ events Over 12,000+ restored photos

All original meeting notes archived

Hundreds of hours of film and video

Original scans of archival posters

Archived and documented materials

Academic access to most materials

Access to historic photographs