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Satyrs was the first non communistic “cell-structured” club in 50’s, significant because “cells” avoided detection by the police but if caught you were labeled a Communist.  The Satyrs as former military men rebuked a cell structure and formed a regular club hierarchy.

Satyr members also won in court that ended the LAPD Chief Parker Gay Bar Raids that were common until the late 70’s.  As the first gay mens club, nearly every organization “presented” itself at club meetings much like a court system, including the original PRIDE organization, uniform clubs and biker clubs formed up until the late 70’s.  

The Satyrs helped in the creation of many bike clubs across the nation in the early days.  Clubs would borrow the Satyrs bylaws and constitution to structure their own.  It was unchartered territory back then. It was also well docmented that even the Hells Angels rode with Satyrs at times.

First club to respond to AIDS in 1980’s

Historic Highlights of the Satyrs

The Satyrs are a brotherhood that has existed for 58 years.  Over 200 men have been part of this brotherhood and has outlasted hundreds of club around the nation.

The club has always averaged a membership of 20-30 men over the nearly 60 years of existence.  It is not the size of the club that matters to the Satyrs, it is the quality of men that form the bonds that create a brotherhood.

Even when members leave the club,

the former members remain a part of the

Satyr family for life and our care, help

and friendships remain forever.

Interested in becoming a Satyr?

   Participating in our rides, events and especially Badger Flat Run is a great start.  Satyr members are really easy to get to know and we want to know more about you.  

    If after you’ve participated in our events and you like what you see, then chat up a member about sponsorship.  Being a Satyr is hard work.  

    We all pitch in and no one sits it out.  It is the bond that has held the club together for nearly 60 years. We are a family and a family stays together, through thick and thin...the bonds are deep.  

    Want to see what brotherhood really looks like?  Badger Flat...our annual event that tests our family annually.

We are not kidding!

Satyr’s Current Membership Roster and Contact

Forever Remembered, Michael “Lurch” Sutton

Actor, Comedian and Satyr member

   What makes a brotherhood a reality?


    Many have come and gone over the years. But like the military men that formed this club in 1954 and like the Marines…”together always” is what the Satyrs family is.  It is not something that can be explained but only experienced.

     Over the years, many sage people have tried to interject what the Satyrs should do to attract lots of new members. Well, we are a brotherhood that like all clubs have endured many upheavals over the years.  

    But while other clubs try to get the majority of their members to participate, the Satyrs have always come together to make things happen.  No one sits it out watching others to pick up the baton and run.  Badger Flat is the ultimate test of our bonds as alpha-males. “All hands on deck” as the saying goes and that just may be the very secret that has kept this club going strong for nearly 60 years.


    The legacy of the Satyrs is that men are tested here and the bonds of friendship are everlasting.  We are a family and we pull for each other, regardless of our differences with each other at any given time…and that is exactly how it should be.

Dennis Cramer

Corresponding Sec

Bob Pearson

Bert Simon

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Recording Sec.

Dave Faunce

Perry Ash

John Laird


Garry Bowie

John Hartman

Paul Johnson


Joe Rich



Ron Neiport


Vice President

Riley Black

Road Captain

Brent Sweer

Don Cranford


David Yerkes

Stanley Wickham

Andy Ayers




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Baby Satyr - Rick Ternet